Serving clients in the Washington, DC Metro area since 1986.

Always Eager to Help

At Four Feet to the Yard, we care what your neighbors think. Not just what they think about your lawn, but also about the crew you’ve chosen to come into their community.

The Four Feet to the Yard crew is always in uniform. Our equipment is clean and well-maintained. And our trucks bear the friendly, familiar Four Feet to the Yard logo so your neighbors always know where we’re coming from.

We Find Exceptional Pros and Grow with Them

If you’re an amateur gardener, you already know how much work and wisdom goes into keeping plants healthy. Our mowers know exactly when and how to cut a lawn to keep it thriving. Our pruners learn what it takes to keep new, lush foliage bursting forth. And we know which flowers thrive—and which barely survive—in the less-than-temperate Mid-Atlantic climate.

A crew that can keep your lawn thriving is a team we want to keep together. With that in mind, Four Feet to the Yard provides an informal English as a Second Language program, basic horticultural training, and other incentives that have made crew members happy to put down roots.

How happy? Our employees regularly recommend Four Feet to the Yard to their friends and family members as a fair, fun, and forward-looking place to work. That means a lot to us, because positive employees take pride in their team performance…and it shows!

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