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We Share Your Concern

There’s no way around it: Anything done on your property has the potential of affecting your neighbors in every direction.

And anyone who cares for your lawn is also caring for the Potomac, the Chesapeake, and all the shores, water — and living things — in that ecological system.

When you choose Four Feet to the Yard, you get crews trained to take exceptional care of your property, your community, and our overall environment.

Natural solutions are always best

What’s the simplest, surest way to keep ugly funguses at bay? Limb-up the trees to let natural light and air in — and to encourage new, healthy growth.

What’s the best way to prevent invasive overgrowth of vines and perennials? Choose from all the beautiful plants native to this region. They’ll thrive without being intrusive. Require no extra watering. And live long, healthy lives.

Whenever possible, Four Feet to the Yard does what comes naturally to prevent pests, disease, and other problems.

When chemicals are required, less is more

Even the most naturally beautiful lawn and garden can have problems. Should any crop up for you, Four Feet to the Yard will take them on with expert precision, using environmentally friendly products and tactics recommended by the top organizations in our field and following university recommended guidelines.

We approach fertilization the same way, applying just what it takes to maintain your lawn at its best, while also keeping it child, pet—and Chesapeake Bay—friendly.

You’ll appreciate our sound (pollution) policies

You know that mowers, blower, and trimmers all make noise. You might be surprised at how little noise they make when expertly maintained, frequently replaced…

…and operated by crews who’ve been trained to keep the noise down.

We purchase the finest power equipment and keep it in top condition so the environmental effect to noise and air is minimized.

It’s just one more way Four Feet to the Yard “goes the extra measure” to keep your property looking its very best.

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