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Defending Yards Under Attack

Most everything in your garden would make a luscious meal for some hungry little plant lover.

No one wants to see that, so as part of our routine lawn maintenance, we will come by once a year—early in the growing season—to apply just the right amount of preventative treatment to your entire lawn. After that, we will periodically walk the lawn in search of pest problems, and, again, apply only what it takes to eliminate a threat.

It’s certainly easier on pest control firms to bathe properties in pesticides, over and over… but that’s really much too hard on our environment and your property. We apply only what is needed, where and when it is needed.

Every spring we will drop in to examine each of your trees and shrubs for signs of trouble, and then follow up with periodic check-ups throughout the growing season.

If problems are ever detected, we will first apply horticultural oils—and other well-proven, environmentally friendly solutions. No matter the threat, we have dependable solutions for stopping insects in their tiny little tracks, fighting ugly fungi, or putting a quick end to emerging disease.

We will work to keep your yard, your family, and your environment all healthy, happy, and thriving.

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