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Perks for Our Valued Customers

When you turn to Four Feet to the Yard, you get a team that’s always ready to go the extra measure for you…often in completely unexpected ways.

Here are the extra Four Feet to the Yard services that you—as an established customer—will be able to rely on all year round.

For Light Hauling, it’s Four Feet and a cloud of dust!

We have trucks and trailers…and men who know how to use them. You have things there that sometimes need to be somewhere else.

When it’s time for something to be movin’ on, talk to Four Feet to the Yard. Chances are, we’ll have everything it takes to turn even your heaviest loads into distant memories.

Our Holiday Trim Team: From many bulbs, one brilliant display.

Are you a homeowner who really lights up when the holidays and parties roll around? Or do you always intend to be, but find your events somewhat lacking in ladder-climbing time?

Take a seat, light up the fireplace, and call 301-589-0899.

Four Feet to the Yard will make sure your home gets that warm holiday glow you love so much, installing lights and decorations up on the rooftop, out in the yard, and anywhere else it takes to make your household shine. Call us for parties, weddings, Halloween, Christmas, or whenever needed.

We are always open to meeting your special needs.

Know what else we should do for our valued Four Feet to the Yard customers? We’d love to hear your thoughts. Take a moment to notify us of a pending or ongoing need—at 301-589-0899—and we’ll see if it’s something our staff or crew can do.

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